N15 ideas

Just throwing in various ideas for inspirations.
invisible taskbar like chrome os

nice taskbar look and icons at top

e17 style taskbar and menu

Chrome OS theme is possible but still needs few tweaks.

And really interesting idea for tasks (active, hover) from Uri Herrera. I think it could work and fit with the Prometheus codename - http://deviantn7k1.deviantart.com/art/August-16-13-Desktop-393785413

? Isn’t the above an non-native docker, so it has nothing to do with plasma?
I tried that once, but dont like the mac approach of big icons at bottom anyway… further i’m torn between an actual panel at top, but it needs to hold everything and then no more panel at bottom… also the window deco then should be gone completely (in maximized state) and the close button in the upper right corner of the panel. Last time i tested this, it had still hiccups and flaws, i doubt that its doable properly in plasma5.0, could work in plasma5.1 if we really push for it.

I’m just pointing at the style. The idea is to take for example Enlightenment theme, and replace orange “active state” with blue dots from the screenshot above, or something similar.

Ok so first off, “hi” second - the icon only taskbar is being worked on so it can be centered (much like the plank dock in Uri’s screenshot) - so that when it’s done you can keep the icon from slipping either right OR being resized if you use a fitted panel background.

Then it’s just a question of doing a theme where one of the panels (bottom panel for example) are either transparent or half colored - there is one btw: Kelementary Plasma Dark which only works for Plasma 4 for now though and you can’t use blur effects with it. But doing our own isn’t that tricky.

Oh and about the close button and remove maximized I’ve gotten that to work rather nicely by using YAWC instead of the normal Window Control plasmoid and shuffling the system tray to the left of the screen (so I could safely center the clock)


Window Maximized

Hi ohyran, welcome to the team.

It’s good to know we can change the width of the panel. I’ve done it the old way, moving the sliders (left and right).