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Name proposal for Netrunner Rolling Edition


I propose we give Netrunner Rolling Edition a catchy name: Netroller. What do you think?


Nice idea, I’ll think about it :wink:


And then, one can optionally identify himself/herself in the forum as a ‘Runner’ or a ‘Roller’, :wink:


Interesting idea.


what about “NetRuller”? :angel:


Typo caught: ruller, :smiley: . In addition, it does not suggest the “Rolling Edition”.


Yet, NetRoller is the best.


“Netroller” sounds great :). That would make it easier to distinguish between the two flavors.


Maybe a Tux on roller blade or skates for a logo? lol



Netrolling Edition
Netrunning Edition
Sound great to my ears :slight_smile:


I like Netrunner "Zorbing" or integrate it somehow into Netrunner