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Need a way to install on comet lake


I have a comet lake laptop (Lenovo C340-14IML) so installing it from another pc is not possible.
It boot to the screen that let’s you select between normal and failsafe mode but it ends in the CLI in both ways (also tried pressing tab, deleting “quiet” and “splash” and put “vga=normal” and “nomodeset” but still to no avail).
There’s a way to change the kernel in the liveusb? Or a way to install it via cli, so i can after add the backports, update the kernel and reboot?
I’m really sorry if it is a duplicate of an another thread.


For this to work you need to remaster our ISO.
I am not sure if you have any knowledge about this. You need a linux distro running already.

Basically it works like this:

  1. You mount the filesystem.squashfs of the live directory and copy the content with cp -a to your harddrive.

  2. You chroot into the copied live system and install the backports kernel

  3. You copy the initrd and vmlinuz file of the new kernel and replace the ones on the usb stick

  4. You pack the edited live system as squashfs again and replace the filesystem.squashfs

I am not sure if this is helpful. Its not trivial to do as you can see.


Thanks a lot, never did such a thing (first pc i have with this problem xD) and had some troubles finding a nice explanation, because every time it’s confusing and/or not right.
I’ll look into your solution and I’ll try it, thanks again!


hi, I almost did it but I have problems transferring filesystem.squashfs back into the usb stick, i get “filesystem is in read-only mode” (it’s translated, so it may not be exactly that).
The problem is that both on gnu/linux (hdparm) and windows (diskpart) the usb stick is recognized as not having write protection, what can I do ?


You flashed the usb stick probably with dd or rufus or some other tool that dd’s the iso onto the usb stick.
That makes it look like a isofs and would mean you need to reflash the image with unetbootin.
(This needs you to reformat the usb stick as fat32 first and probably only will boot on non uefi)

After you flashed the image with unetbootin you should be able to replace the vmlinuz, initrd.img and filesystem.squashfs