Need Help w/ Audacity [Solved]

So I went to try and record with a simple mic tonight using Audacity and cannot get it to record. When I depress pause and then record, usually the input levels would start responding to the room noise. But I went through all the Audacity settings and the volume mixer/veromix settings in the OS and nothing got the levels to move at all. They’re dead.

What do I need to do to get this working?

Are you using an Optimus laptop? Occasionally with certain distros they get confused with mine and try to use the Nvidia HDMI soundcard instead of the onboard sounds. Check in sound settings if this is the case. Are you using ALSA or Pulse audio?

Ok thanks for your help! I don’t know why I didn’t realize to go into the control panel and then into multi-media.
My sound card was set to my camera! How does THAT happen?
I also just noticed that the “Apply” button wasn’t even in the Pulse Audio menu and I wondered why.
But after clicking OK and going back in several times to try different settings, it all of a sudden
appeared, though it was grayed out, even after making a change.


Obviously, there’s an issue there! :s

Having trouble with Audacity again. Man… I really want to keep running this OS, but I am seeing too many problems and this is one I can’t seem to figure out. I have tried many different settings in the prefs of Audacity and in the veromix settings and nothing seems to work. Currently, I have both recording and listening devices set at default.

I am simply attempting to record an online radio show using Audacity. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on this, it will be much appreciated!

When I log into LinuxMint, it simply records without any problems. But overall, I do like this distro better.

Please help!


If you have tried this yourself and failed to get Audacity to record anything that plays through your computer…
then this is probably your answer!

I dug deep and found that I needed to get an 1/8th inch stereo cord (both side of cord the same connection)
and plug one end into the IN jack and the other side of the cord into the OUT jack and VIOLA! It now works!
You can also use the headphones jack into the mic jack, as well.