Need help with UUID, restoring from image file...

I had a boot disk failure, and I needed to replace it with a new disk.

I had backed up my Netrunner partition to an image file, and I was able to restore it to the new disk. The setup is not exactly the same as before: partition sizes are a bit different and I opted not use a swap partition this time.

Netrunner tries to boot, but fails at a step where it is starting 2 jobs to find disk-by-UUID. After 1 min and 30 seconds it says there are failures for the root file system and swap. I’m guessing this due to the new UUIDs associated with the new disk.

It offers me the opportunity to log into Emergency command line as root, and try to perform maintenance.

I’m not sure what I need to do, and if it would be a relatively easy fix. I’d done a lot of customization to my Netrunner install, so I’d prefer to be able to restore the image file instead of re-installing from scratch.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Since I’m not exactly sure how you backed up your partitions to an image file it’s hard to help. However, you will need to find the new UUID numbers and and edit grub, your fstab file, etc… The best bet when restoring from an image file to a new drive is to keep the partitions exactly the same and resize or remove them later.

Restore Exactly how partitions were before including swap. You can’t change the partition layout on the fly like that.
I restored image from IDE drive to a Blank SSD and allowed Redo backup restore all the partitions including swap.
So ended up with a exact mirror copy in my case was / /home & swap which was 3 applied to a blank unpartitioned drive.

Sorry don’t know what else you may have done. But best way is to restore to unpartioned new drive.
Then go in after the restore to change partitions.

Sorry that is all I have about the issue.

Thanks for the replies. I haven’t had time to do anything further.

Let me try to re-partition the drive as it was, and try again.

Also can you give me a list of the files (and their locations) which I’ll need to update UUID numbers. I was aware of the grub.cfg, and I was able to update it so that GRUB2 will boot Windows. There is also a device number associated with the Windows partition (if you dual boot) in that file.

Thanks again.

Here are the files that need to be edited to fix uuid issues:
You can use the command blkid to get the correct uuid’s.

I am able to boot into Netrunner again! Thanks to your info.

Just one more issue: I do receive one failure notice during the boot sequence: “Failed to start Remount Root and Kernel File Systems.”

This does not seem to cause any issues, but I’d like to get it resolved if I can. Any idea why I get this message? I think I captured all of the UUID updates in the grub and fstab files.

Thanks again!

Nevermind. Apparently I did not have the right root UUID in fstab. After correcting that, I have no more errors in the boot sequence.

Thanks all :slight_smile: