Net too slow[Solved]

While updateing and upgrading in arch based always seems very slow can you give steps as before the netrunner team release the arch based i tried chakra it happened that net was too slow even manjaro then i return back to the netrunner.
Can give us some useful steps as I do not know as i tried searching arround but had no luck though this issue was previously raised about it in some other forums but i have faith and trust in Netrunner so I wanted to ask here and wanted detailed steps (this wont be spoon feeding but kind of new commers to learn as well ).

Can you try a dslspeed test site to really mesure if your connection is slow overall.
If it only is slow while using the packagemanager and try to download and install something maybe it is choosing a slow mirror (which it figures out on its own).
You can see and maybe also test the response time of the mirros in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

sudo pacman-mirrors -g

this will test and set the fastest mirror for your location…

You should check here for answers to most things Manjaro:

One could say that Manjaro is based on Arch, just like how Ubuntu is based on Debian. Manjaro uses it’s own repositories, which are based on Arch, but then things are patched and tested by the manjaro team.

Yes, the beauty of standing on the shoulders of Giants is, that most of the underlying things and methods apply, so any resource (Manjaro or arch Forums, Wikis, Guides) is a valuable base. Though some communities (arch) disregard the inheritent nature of OpenSource and deny any helping hand for users coming from downstream for knoweldge and exchange, even if the bug is actually coming from upstream…

The most Important thing to stress would be you can use the ARCH wiki but for Gods sake DO NOT post in the ARCH forums, use them as a point of reference ONLY. If you need help with something the best place would be to come here first then use the Manjaro forum. Most of us Manjaro users are a very tolerant group, if we can help then we usually will, even if your running Ubuntu, Fedora, etc., we don’t care what distribution your using, period, as long as it’s Linux.

PS. This is why I suggested calling this new distribution Netrunner Manjaro edition as to not get the ARCH developers going.

This will be corrected in 64bit and all following releases, simply calling it Netrunner Rolling…

Good Call Brother.

Thanks though after researching I got this
but I left roling release I was just testing it as for learning arch andearlier before netrunner roling release installing arch in vm I took a year to learn though I am still in learning phase.Rather learning arch I started to go with slackware in my vm pretty straigth forward though little deep things to do on every step difficult to find help but yet not given on it :wink:

Yea, powerpill is nice wrapper to use when you have a huge update-pack like the last one was. :slight_smile:

suggestion : If you can give this pill as default for arch would be better as the speed is much issue on it or you can find by poll what people want :wink: