Netbook install (minimal install .iso)

[font=Courier] Hi, there!
Total newbie here, but I have a small suggestion/claim/request. I was trying to install Netrunner on my netbook (it has only 4 GB in the main SSD and, for some reason, only 3.75 seemed to be available) and it was impossible because the installation takes at least 4.3 GB. Quite a was a bummer! Ironically, the secondary disk (in which I placed the /home directory) has 12GB.
My suggestion (more like a request) then is if you could make a minimal install version available, permitting installation on systems with less main drive space. Then, the user would be left with the task of choosing what to install/uninstall, considering each user’s needs, within the limits of the disk, of course.
I’m moving my other computers from Linux Mint to Netrunner, as it seems a lot more stable and faster (and looks a lot better!) It would be really cool (and quite handy) to have Netrunner on my netbook as well.


I am not 100% sure but I guess before you install netrunner in live mode you can uninstall all packages that you don’t need and the installation then (when internet access is disabled, so plug out your cable or deactivate wlan) should install only the stuff what is left on the live system.
The biggest thing to remove might be libreoffice as it takes up some space aswell as some language packages that you don’t need.

As for the idea in general I am a bit skeptical as almost every machine out there nowadays has at least 10 GB of free disk space or even more.

Hi there, leszek!

Only saw your reply now, thank you!
I was trying to install Netruuner on a netbook (eeepc) with 4 Gb in one SD and 16Gb in the other, and I wanted to use the smaller one for the system… I found a smaller OS to install, but I’m not totally happy with that, so I may try something a little different, maybe using the larger SD for the OS.

Thanks again!