Netrunner 13.06 32/64 bit installer error

This is the first time i post here because its the first time a had a showstopper bug with netrunner (any version).
I have installed 32 and 64 bit versions from a burned and tested DVD and from an USB but had the same problem with the installer. My machine has other distros on it but this is the firs time ubiquity crashes at me with netrunner.

Could you post the mentioned syslog file content. This might contain important information on what went wrong here.

If you have Ubuntu on one of the partitions, it could be the fault, as Ubuntu apparently may fail at installing “more” Ubuntu based systems:

Thanks for your responses.
Right now my configuration is like this:
Windows 7,
Ubuntu 13.04,
Linux Deepin
openSUSE 12.3,
LinuxMint 15 cinnamon.
As you can see is somewhat complicated but independently of the configuration i have had no trouble installing and testing many ubuntu’s clones at the same time. Actually this is the first time with an ubuntu problematic installer and my particular configuration.
I,m going to test again to get that syslog and i’ll post it later.

Hum… the syslog was too long, How do i post it here?

You can either upload the syslog here or post it on a nopaste service like and put the link to your post in this thread.

MacLone: You could try installing Kubuntu 13.04 and if you get the same error, then its an upstream bug.

Starbuck: I just did that a few weeks ago (i have installed kubuntu 13.04) with this same configuration and had no problems at all. Like i said this is the first time i see KDE ubiquity crashing but it’s ok. i don’t discard the complicated partitioning i have. If there is no more reports about this, maybe is my particular configuration.