Netrunner 13.06 BETA

Thanks lucas!

  1. is the new clean look, will be redone for 13.12.
  2. Noted, tree view does not hide empty groups, which are kept for legacy reasons. will investigate if they get removed.
  3. Thats upstream, the one under Advanced is the simplified one, but could be non-intuitive at first encounter.
  4. Noted, needs likely to be fixed upstream.

What distro did you test it with?
If your HDMI Sound output does not work out of the box, you can try the following solution:
In a terminal, type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/alsa-daily
apt update
apt install oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms

After Netrunner Beta i have this tested in Linux Mint Maya.

hi starbuck,

5 more reboots , all work. making 10 out of 10… Very good.

One observation, when I change wallpaer by righl-click on desktop>>folder view settings…
after wallpaper change, it seems the 5 desktop icons (Readme, WebAccount…My Computer) disappear.

Wonder how to really get these icon back.

by the way, that does not happen on default kernel, now running on the dell desktop.

also, I hope to be able to show coretemp reading on the widget. any clue?

thanks for the help…

First of all thank you for this great distro :blush:

Installation was fast . New wallpapers are amazing . Wallet doesn’t bother anymore .
Liked the more condenced look in system setiings and the change in software sources.

I noticed that fonts in taskbar are too big and letters seem chopped . Notifications appear twice .

Muon still isn’t that great . I tried to use it but went back to synaptic .

And something for those who used the makson ppa for radeon HD drivers 2xxx-4xxx (install catalyst legacy by downgrading x-server) , tho it used to work for me in quantal it doesn’t anymore in raring . The good news is that there is a huge improvement in oprnsource drivers :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing, the double notify and taskbar font chop are fixed.
Muon will improve, at least the discover, since there is no other great KDE software store yet, though for packages muon updater is good to have as it notifies and integrates well under KDE, while for manual stuff, we ship synaptic as alternatuve as its really good.
Wallet is still active, also we did a lot of work on folderview, which will have almost all big bugs like icon-sorting etc. fixed in final.

  • VLC still have not prevented screen saver! :@
  • sound still not switch automatically on new connected device( USB headphones for example)
  • Brightness now adjustable by ASUS Fn buttons but level indicator hasn’t show up!

Hi slimy,
thanks for testing and reporting back.

vlc is annyoing, though it seems a more complicated matter, not working reliable on several DEs. We will see if there is a way to fix this.
Brightness indicator showing up here fine, using samsung netbook and Fn buttons.

But it shouldn’t depends from laptop model, or there is some special signal have to be send by ACPI laptop driver to KDE? I confirm that this issue exists in openSUSE kde too. Something weird.

Maybe this is related: