Netrunner 14 wireless set up


We had antiquated microsoft operating system on a lap top and I downloaded and installed Netrunner 14 to replace the unstable microsoft product. It is a stable distribution that does not crash her lap top. It can connect to the internet by cable but will not allow selection of wireless networks to use wireless networks. Do I need to re-download it and reinstall it?

Everying else is fine. Just the option to select wireless internet does not allow that option to be selected.

Thank you,


Kubuntu in which Netrunner 14 is based, does not install all of the wifi chipset firmware files out of the box.
Do you know what the Wifi chipset in the laptop uses, or could you post the output of lspci?

I have an HP mini 110. online it stated that it uses a broadcom b43 wireless system.

OK, connect to the wired network and open yakuake (F12) or Konsole, type at the command line:

$ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install b43-cutter firmware-b43-installer -y

Disconnect from the wired network and reboot, Network Manager should now show available access points.

I fixed it, thank you.

I have the same machine and just attempted these commands without luck…
It returned an error message of ‘E: unable to locate package b43-cutter’
Thanks for any help…

The correct packagename is b43-fwcutter

Thank You…
That did the trick…