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Netrunner 17 and Windows 10 UEFI and GPT


I’m not an expert in installation and I don’t mean to be, but I think it could be useful sharing my efforts in make, Netrunner and Windows 10, works togheter in the same PC with a UEFI bios (not legacy) and 2 disks with a GPT table of partitions.
After a long struggle I decided that the best way to make the two System to live togheter without any problem inside the same PC is:
1- use two hdd, one for Nrunner and one for Win
2- During the first installation (normally Windows) please disconnect one the disks from the motherboard, after that be sure the disk you’ve chosen is the first (sda0)
3- As soons as the installation is finished, disconnect the disk you have just used and riconnect the othe, always like the first disk.
4- Install Netrunner (or a different distro if you like) and, as you’ve completed the process reconnect the second disk. I think as a second on the motherboard.
5- Doing so you’ll have availabel two operative system completely indipendent without each with a boot partition reserved: windows boot manager in the window’s hdd and grub in the second.
6- I know it wil be impossible to load windows from grub but you’ll be able to do what you llike in a single disk avoiding boot problems in case, for example, whe you update Linux or Windows or you have to reinstall one of the systems in case of trouble…
7- Pay attention! You motherboard and bios have to have the possibility to choose, before the automatic boot, which loader you prefer in order to have Linux or Windows.
8- All the modern motherboards provide that possibilty pressing a key before or during the boot. Foir example my board makes available the selection pressing F8.

Ok… As a newby like I am, I hope and I like to know about your experiences and how you solved you problems in situetions like mine…

So told, as soon as Linux and the wonderful Netrunner will be as good as windows for the games, I think we’ll can forget windows completely!! :wink: … Unfortunately my PES2016 needs windows to work properly!! :frowning:


Thank You for this post it saved my day. The only way I could install Horizon on my HP with Win 10 on my other drive.


Good! :slight_smile:



I wish to install Netrunner and Windows 10 on the same laptop, but the problem is that I can not do what you’ve done by installing one OS on one storage unit and the other on another.

Can you advise me on a course of actions about how to install them on the same laptop?




Hello Dan.

I would install Win10 at first and Netrunner GNU/Linux afterwards. If you use the automatic partitioning option during the instalation of Netrunner you are able to decrease the size of your Windows NTFS partition and install Netrunner on the new, free space. Netrunner should recognize the Windows installation and should present you both options during startup (in grub). If you have some bigger folders like a music-collection or movies i would place them on the Windows NTFS partition because it will be accesible trough Netrunner by default. Ext4/3/2 and most other non Windows filesystems are not accesible in Windows by default! Be sure to backupp all your data!!! The best way of finding your best solution is by trying it!


Anteriormente había un foro en español que ayudaba mucho, ahora no lo encuentro. No he podido instalar Netrunner 17.6 en una laptop HP con UEFI y W10. He quitado el inicio rápido y el arranque seguro y aunque se instala Netrunner y en la BIOS-UEFI lo coloco como primera opción de arranque, me sigue iniciando siempre Windows.
En otras máquinas tengo W10 + Mint o W10 + OpenSUSE o W10 + Mageia6 en arranque dual con UEFI sin problema. ¿Alguna ayuda?
Google traductor:
[color=#000000][font=Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, sans-serif]Previously there was a forum in Spanish that helped a lot, now I can not find it. I have not been able to install Netrunner 17.6 on an HP laptop with UEFI and W10. I have removed the fast boot and safe boot and although Netrunner is installed and in the BIOS-UEFI I put it as the first boot option, I still always boot Windows.[/font][/color]
[color=#000000][font=Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, sans-serif]:-/
[/font][/color][color=#000000][font=Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, sans-serif]On other machines I have W10 + Mint or W10 + OpenSUSE or W10 + Mageia6 in dual boot with UEFI without problem. Some help?[/font][/color]