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Netrunner 17 desktop icons


Hello there, I just started using linux, and managed to install JDK, JRE and NetBeans. I have 2 questions:
I --> How can I adjust the desktop icon’s size?
II --> When I installed NetBeans, the program’s shortcut went directly on the desktop, but cant see it in the installation folder, why?

Thanks, Mr.Rendero


I) In systemsettings -> Desktop Appearance -> Icons -> Advanced

There you should find the entry Desktop Icons and can set a default icon Size for them.

II) As for Netbeans what installation folder do you mean ? How did you install it ? From the software center/packagemenager or by downloading it from the official site and installing.
For the latter it might be a normal thing to only put the Icon on the desktop and not in the folder itself that contains the executable.


Well first I downloaded JDK and made a folder for it (not in the root folder), extracted it there. After that i got NetBeans SE from the original site -->, and made a folder for it too.

After i installed with
chmod +x
–javahome /home/…/jdk-8…/
the icon went to the desktop, but didn’t appeared in the installation folder

Thank you very much, Mr.Rendero