Netrunner 18 Release Date

I read through the website and cannot find a projected release date for Netrunner 18. Is there one? And when will Netrunner 17 reach its EOL?
This would be helpful information as it will better allow me(and others) to plan migrating from 17 to 18.

ETA: June 2016. Likely there is a migration script, even if we switch to LTS Neon.

OK, thanks for the quick reply as it will help me plan. I will do a clean install as 18 will be an LTS whether based on Kubuntu or Neon. Just for feedback, I looked at and installed the Neon-desktop in a VM and very much like it. If it is used for 18, I hope the software included will be stable for daily production machines.

As always, the Netrunner team rocks!

is there a new ETA?


Still no estimate , at least rough one?
It would be nice to know if it’s week(s), month, or several months.

Hi Bigor,

we have rather big changes going on and coming up related to Netrunner. We expect to have it all ready first or second week in August.

Thanks for the update on the release date. I understand/appreciate the tremendous amount of work that is going into what y’all are doing. I am excited to use 18 with its new base.

Thanks Starbuck for the update and to the rest of the Netrunner team for all your dedication and hard work. Any chance of getting some pre-release screenshots for the anticipated release =] ?!?

Thanks for the info, starbuck. Nice to know it’s coming soon. Keep up the good work !