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Netrunner 20.08/20.10 possible release date?

Hi ! Iโ€™m a big fan of that distro ,from Romania.
Using Netrunner since 2 April and i still using It.On my laptop at dual boot ( Win 10 with Netrunner) I really :sparkling_heart: this distro.
There is Netrunner 20.08/20.10 possible release date?
Last year in 2019 , Netrunner 19.08 released in Summer. But this Summer still no version.
I really love this distro , iโ€™m very excited for new version :grin:

As for now there is no concrete date planned for a new release.
However as the new version would offer not much more what you currently have if you update your April installation I would recommend to you just to regulary update your Netrunner installation to have a secure and updated system.

This is what Netrunner is about. You have a stable system that you donโ€™t need to reinstall when a new version comes out as the new versions are only updated ISOs for new installations. Existing users can just install one time and keep on updating normally to have the latest and greatest.

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