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Netrunner 2001 does not boot on all computers


The very buautifull Netrunner 19018 and 2001 Twenty does work very good on my desktop with 12 GB work memory and HP laptops with 4 GB memory

On the HP laptop with 8 GB memory en Dell with 8 GB memory does it not boot after installation.

Done the installation on the laptop where it does not boot is perfect when i place the HD in the desktop . So the intallation went very well but some pc’s do not boot with it after installatie.

Please can anyone tell me more about this. I am very glad with this Netrunner and hope to be able to use it on the other computers too.
Kind regards, Merlijntje


Do you get any error message?
What are the specifications of that laptop? Is it a brand new one?
Are you using UEFI or Bios/CSM?


Good day leszek Thanks for your reaction Dell says: Invalid HD But i used more (types) HD and after installation that HD ssd’s boot very well on the Desktop and other laptops.

The laptops were used when i bought it. Intel core i5

The last question i cannot yet answere. Therefore i must go to the computer shop. It is closed at the moment —lockdown— I will come with the answere later. Kind regards from Merlijntje


If you know which model of computer it is please write it here.
Also UEFI or BIOS can be seen in the BIOS/UEFI itself. You can check there at boot options usually.

Anyway. If the computer is bought recently and it is a fairly new computer there is always the chance that the kernel we ship does not yet support it. In this case you could try installing a new kernel with the hd or ssd (sorry not sure where you installed it on) plugged into a working pc and try to boot it then on the laptop.
For this to do you need to activate the debian backports sources and install the backports kernel


Many thanks for your support. Anyway it is also my conclusion that the hardware is the problem.
Happily i have also a good computer that works perfectly with Netrunner. This beautifull system is what i now prefer above all other Linux systems.
It is beautifull-complete and makes me happy. Thanks Thanks Thanks for this great system.
Kind regards, Merlijntje (Netherlands)