Netrunner Core no wifi on live session

I downloaded the ISO for the new Netrunner Core, but the live session doesn’t see my laptop’s wireless card (Intel AC-3160), so I cannot test connection…is there a way to make the system see that there is a wireless adapter besides the wired LAN adapter?

Could you please try and install firmware-iwlwifi package from jessie-backports as such : sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports install firmware-iwlwifi

Hi, thanks for replying, but…maybe I didn’t explain the issue clearly, I cannot install that firmware because the system doesn’t recognize the wireless card and I cannot plug via ethernet because both modem and router are downstairs, my question was why isn’t basic wireless support built into the live image? I cannot install anything because simply put I am NOT connected to intenet.

The problem isn’t that basic wireless support isn’t built in, it is. The problem is that the firmware on the ISO is potentially out of date for your card. Debian recently updated the firmware for Intel Wireless cards in their backports repo, and perhaps the newer firmware helps fix your issue. You could also download the deb package onto a usb stick and install it manually to check.

Download to deb :

Alternatively, perhaps you can tether your mobile device over USB to install the package via a package manager?

Hi Reyfer,

agreed that this is a problem in your case.
By default we tend to ship any of the official jessie packages + KDE packages on top, but normally no jessie-backports.
This a good example that we will start updating some packages from backports that help prevent a situation where the user can’t update the system himself.