Netrunner customizations gone

while in root shell from boot, I messed with mounting my filesystems and something must have gone wrong. When I rebooted netrunner normally the first thing I noticed was that my account picture is now the default one. I logged in to my account and the mouse pointer, splash screen, everything was the kubuntu default. Even the kubuntu tour was activated (it showed me the dropdown terminal). I check system settings and find out that all the customizations, splashscreens are still there but they are not chosen. Also all my files are intact. I shutdown the system to prevent further damage. Is there a way to get all my customizations (and the netrunner ones) back? I don’t want to recustomize everything again.

Yea, you will need to restore your home directory from skel:

cp -R /etc/skel/* /home/<username>

Next time you log in your Plasma desktop will be back to the Netrunner defaults.