Netrunner Desktop 17.01 upgrade to 17.03

Netrunner Desktop 17.03 is seemingly more up to date than 17.01.2 “testing” (testing repos active)?
Also, is there anything 17.01.2 “testing” users need to do?

[size=medium][color=#ff3333]Update 07 Apr 2017:[/color] Changed 17.01 repos to match 17.03 and updated the OS. Had a few errors during upgrade that were corrected after running autoremove. Errors with libkscreen remain & needed to reset the panel settings bar. Other than that, system is responding well, for now.[/size]

[align=center][color=#663399]Thank you Netrunner team for a wonderful “rolling distro”. [/color]
[color=#663399]I like the innovative approach & transformation [/color][color=#663399]into [/color]
[color=#663399] a viable desktop solution, in this “Wild West of Linux OS”.[/color][/align]

Netrunner based on Debian never needs you to update to a new version. Any Netrunner shares the same underlying base that is Debian Testing, of which we merely release an updated snapshot installation medium, the ISOs (similar to Manjaro). To get the updates, one simply has to enable backports and Debian Testing in the repolist. I will do a an extra item under FAQ in the future to make that a bit clearer.

My 17.01.2 OS; KDE Plasma, Frameworks and KDE Application package’s are not the updated versions found in 17.03

[size=medium][color=#ff3333]Update 06 Apr 2017:[/color] Similar question answered in “Upgrade to 17.03” Thread, by; starbuck, in post #5[/size]