Netrunner desktop 19.01

I have (new at netrunner 19.01 desktop Debian) the following questions to the “continuous updates(backports and Debian tested enabled)” option:

Scenario 1: turning on the continuous updates will update the whole to the latest version of the backports and Debian testing. What happens when continuous updates are disabled afterwards: will the system freeze this state or will be this a “fallback” to the current Netrunner 19.01 ISO-state.

Scenario 2: never turn on “continuous updates”: which updates the system will get and what happens when the next ISO comes out?

Does “continuous updates” change the version number of netrunner internally too, when the next ISO comes out (Grub menu etc.) or must it be done manually to avoid outdated version-numbers in different items?

Thank you.

Regarding Scenario 1: Your system will freeze the state and not return bacl to older packages from 19.01 ISO

Regarding Scenario 2:: Nothing will happen when the next ISO comes out.

Continuous Updates will not change any setting or artwork on your installed system. So the version stays at whatever version you had when you installed Netrunner.
Manually updating to a newer Netrunner version by manually editing the sources is not our prefered method therefor also its a purely manual way of doing things.

We recommend using the Continuous Update method we describe on our website.

Thank you for your answer, now I know how this distro works. This there a chance in the future that outdated information of earlier netrunner ISO will be changed automatically? Please overthink it.

There are thoughts on providing upgrade scripts for Netrunner 17 and 18 to upgrade to the Netrunner 19 repos hence also updating some of the default settings we provide aswell as providing new themes.
This is not final however and we need to test things out to see how well this will go.

Thank you for your friendly answer. I am happy to hear this.