"Netrunner Desktop" view glitch - disappearing icons

OS: Netrunner 13.12 x86_64, updated to current.

The problem: When I log in to Netrunner, there are no icons on the desktop, using the “Netrunner Desktop” view. Right-clicking on the desktop, changing the view to something else (e.g. “Default Desktop” view), then changing it back to “Netrunner Desktop” view, brings the desktop icons back.



Desktop with the glitch – no icons

Desktop as it should be – with icons

Seems to be a race condition there. Plasma 1 tends to have many of them.
Does this happen on every login or only after cold boot ?
Do you have a SSD or HDD ?

I thought that the solution was to delete ~/.config/Trolltech.conf (or rename it) and let the system re-create it, but that only worked once. At next boot, it was back to no desktop icons.

To answer your quesions: It always happened after a cold boot and most times, but not always, after logging out and back in. And I have an HDD.

BTW, Netrunner’s a nice distro.

I have the same Issue. 9 times out of 10 Netrunner boots with all the icons on the desktop, and lately I only have 1 to 3 icons on there, and that occasional boot they will be missing. When this happens I am left with a little square drawn in the upper right corner of the desktop which does nothing but highlight when I click on it. The icons do not come back with a desktop refresh, but they do come back after a reboot. Before, when I had a few more icons in a vertical column on the left Netrunner would occasionally split the desktop in half horizontally and give me a scroll bar on the right on the upper portion to scroll to my icons further down. It still displayed the desktop background properly in this case. Again, things are normal after a reboot. Both cases have happened to me several times on 13.06 and 13.12. It is not life threatening but it seems annoying or unstable for this to happen.

My guess it has to do with this race condition error reported 2 years ago which seems hard to fix: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=294795

Thanks for the reply! I will wait patiently for now. It seems to only happen to Intel and nVidia video chipsets. And when you align icons vertical, top to bottom. I have an intel video chipset.

You are probably right, as the solution recommended in comment #314 in that bug thread seems to offer a permanent fix. That is, to resize the bottom panel so that its edges don’t extend to 100% of the screen width. Just a little bit of a reduction works, and the icons no longer disappear.

(What an odd bug! :-/ )

Wow, thanks for checking into this. That is an odd bug and I will resize the panel a little so it doesn’t touch either side. :slight_smile: