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Netrunner Distro Challenge


My name is Rocco and along with the BDLL community do a bi-weekly distro challenge of testing out different distros and then get together on Saturday nights to talk about it which is streamed live on youtube. Now we test out distros but it is more of a two hour Linux Virtual Lug with the first hour dedicated to the Distro and the second hour talking about anything Linux related. (Family Friendly of course)

We have picked Netrunner to test out for the next two weeks and will give our initial thoughts on it on the live stream on Saturday October 19th at 8pm EDT. We would love to have a representative from the dev team to give feedback to and to answer questions about Netrunner. The goal is to bridge the gap between devs and the community at large. I understand everybody’s time is limited but I wanted to extend the offer to join us anyway.

The last two weeks we were testing out Manjaro and this past Saturday were joined by Philip and Bernhard from the Manjaro team to talk about Manjaro.

If you would like to check out that episode or any previous episodes of BDLL you can find out more at

With all that said, everybody who sees this message is welcome to be there and join us even if you’re just a fan of Netrunner.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see some of you there on Saturday night.