Netrunner in kiosk mode

I tried searching, but could not find anything - I am not an English native, so I might not have used the correct words when searching…

Here is my scenario:

I am responsible for the IT work in a small hotel. There are two computers there that are available to the guests and I want to put Netrunner on them. BUT - I can not have any of the guests messing with the system. Of course, they will not have sudo access, but I really need to lock the computers down so they can not change icons on the desktop or widgets etc. The desktop should always be the same.

Does anyone know how to do this?

A half way solution would be to make some kind of script to reset the account each reboot. But it is not really a good solution as these computers are often left on the whole time and people can completely mess up the interface.

Any input is appreciated!

First idea that came into my mind is using the guest account. I will write it changes into a temp file that is removed on logout. So the only thing the hotel guests need to do is logout after they are done.

Yes, I have thought about that. But there are a couple of things needed:

No login - or rather auto login. The guests are non-technical. So there are no logout needed.

The guest must not be able to change anything. Does not matter if things are not permanent. They can not change anything. Not delete icons from the desktop, not add/remove widgets and not add/remove panels. They can ONLY use what is there.

And as I said - the computers are on all the time, so any changes done will be “permanent” for days unless someone go there to reboot the computer. Not practical.

But the worst part of it is to figure out how customize the guest account. Do you know how to do it?

Maybe this will help

It would have - if the tool was a bit more recent than 10 years old :slight_smile:

Anyway - I installed Netrunner and set up automatic login to the guest account. I also found a way to customize it. So now I just need to remind the staff to reboot the computer each week.

I came across another peculiar problem that I will mention in a different thread.

I think you can use cron for reboot every weak at perticular time :slight_smile:

But one security thing how will you come to know who came and operated at that perticular time as anyone can use ?Though you will be having security camera
Might be this can help you

Yes, a cron job will work, I guess. But the problem is that there could be a guest on the computer at that time…

Regarding security - it is not really any issue. As the computer will login as guest, the session will be wiped for each reboot. The computer is on a separate network, protected from the rest of the hotel, only internet access.

And yes, there is a security camera there :slight_smile:

Well i think should shedule in a weakdays rather then weakends may be like timing between 3am to 5 am.Interaction you can have a bash script for "zenity --help " “notify-send” “kdialog --help” (yad, gtkdialog, kdialog, zenity, Xdialog, ©dialog, whiptail or bash builtins ) any one of this and you can put a yes/no as well for user if he is there or a rough way is to have it with dbus system (need to break head) + you can have conky script showing it the shedule to be reboot :wink: date and time hope it helps

Thank you. Will definitely look into it!