Netrunner Installation on my Thinkpad R500


I’ve installed Netrunner 16 amd64 on my Desktop Computer, everything works fine, I’ve used an USB-Stick as source for installation.

Then I start installation on my TP R500. But it ssems that the installer does not like my harddisk constellation:
Partition table: gpt
/dev/sda1 2GB bios_grub
/dev/sda2 15 GB /target for Netrunner
/dev/sda3 15 GB /debian
/dev/sda4 160GB /daten

After prepairing harddisk settings the installer tries to format /dev/sda2 with ext4, but it hangs, the progress bar shows 33%, after 10 minutes nothing further happens. This is reproducible.

I’ve solved it with following procedere:

  1. Booting netrunner16
  2. Installing gparted
  3. Prepaire /dev/sda2 using gparted
  4. Starting netrunner installer
  5. Prepare harddisk without formatting /dev/sda2

Then the installing procedere works.

Kind regards,

my very first install hung during late phase , because I had used unetbootin to put nr 16 ISO onto USB stick.

instead one must use “[color=#993366]usb-creator-gtk[/color]” for that. But even then, manual hard disk partitioning is not too easy, if possible at all (BIOS BOOT area partn).