Netrunner logo

Where can I get the logo for making backgrounds? In SVG would be the most versatile.


Which logo, the spinning wheel from the wallpapers or the one in the menu?

All of them. We need some variety.

I follow Manjaro’s feed in FB, which is mostly desktop pictures. So, that’s why I’d like to start something with Rolling.


The menu uses an svgz file that is in your /usr/share/pixmaps directory already. As far as the other logo’s used for backgrounds, etc., you would have to wait on starbuck for an answer.

I too want a logo (the nice coloured one in the forum header) for making a splash screen. Currently, I grabbed a logo from somewhere else (possibly from wiki) and removed the Netrunner word, as well as the drop shadow on the logo (which was a pain because editing pixels is not fun). An svg logo would be extremely useful for making stuff.

Thanks. I did find that KDE logo. That’s a start as I probably will do a background or two based on KDE. I’m more interested in a Netrunner Rolling background, so I’ll wait to see what starbuck gives us.

You can download default Netrunner logo here:

What KDE logo, I was referring to /usr/share/pixmaps/homerun.svg which is the grey netrunner rolling logo.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.