NetRunner LTS ?

Hello and welcome ! :slight_smile:

Thank You for great release, I’ve been using RC version some time and it was very good experience !

I’m long time openSUSE user, but I’m preparing myself to switch to some distribution based on Ubuntu LTS with KDE love.

For now, I’m thinking NetRunner 14 and Mint 17 KDE.

In the new Mint 17, team has decided to make it LTS (besides Ubuntu base LTS, they make LTS of mint too - which means their software, some tweaks etc will be updated through LTS cycle) - it makes me more convinced to Mint.

But, with Mint, the main DE is Cinnamon and I’m sure this version will get the most through their LTS cycle.
I don’t know how it will be with KDE.

Here comes NetRunner, which is only KDE oriented distro, which is really, really great (that’s why I’ve been so many years with SUSE - KDE was always a little bit more important than other DE.) - this really makes me want NetRunner.

But, the main question: Is NetRunner 14 going to be LTS (I don’t mean Ubuntu base) too ?
Will there be some updates from You, or when NetRunner 15 (based on 14.10) will be available, love for NR 14 will be automatically lost ?

It would be really nice, of you make NR14 LTS too, like more tested KDE packages from backports, maybe updated NR 14.1 iso after some time, or generally, some support besides Ubuntu base.

One more time, thank You for really, really great KDE distro ! :slight_smile:

Netrunner 14 is LTS, same as Kubuntu.
Since Blue Systems IS sponsoring the Kubuntu part as well, it’s pretty much garantueed.
Also, Netrunner 14 is and will be probably the most stable release yet, being based on KDE4.13, since (starting with KDE4.11) KDE4 has become some sort of an “LTS release” itself that continues to get bugfix-updates well into the future:

N15 on the other side will introduce Plasma5/Frameworks5/Qt5 and therefore be an experimental (or at least adventurous) release where the “uninitiated” can try the new tech firsthand or decide to stick with N14 LTS (kind of like Mint 17 decided to focus on their main LTS versions nowadays).

All these words are like music for my ears :slight_smile:

For anyone having dilemma like me, these are my first comparison conclusions between Mint 17 and NetRunner 14:

Mint is generally ok - it looks nice out of the box, everything works, I didn’t have any major problems while using it, but…
after all, it’s still another ubuntu based distro with just KDE packages installed as default and with a little bit polish.
It’s different with Cinnamon, where Mint devs and supporters give some more love to it.

And, what Mint makes for Cinnamon, it looks like NetRunner Team and BlueSystems (I’m starting to be a fan of this company, after I read few things what They do :slight_smile: ) makes for KDE.
In many things, you can see more KDE love, some options, customization, which are not available in other distros.
And much, much polish… it really looks very nice and from words of starbuck, we can hope, that it could be only better and better.

Thank You, NetRunner Team and BlueSystems, you’re great !

Thank You starbuck for Your answer - I can’t wait for the moment, when I will finally switch my main distro to NetRunner on my productive machine and join a new family, see you in 1-2 months ! :slight_smile: