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Netrunner on top ~chrome os

So I have recently been playing around with the Debian kernel under chrome os. I’m look for a way to add the netrunner repo and apt install netrunner-core… is this possible or add a repo that has netrunner-core. I am familiar with Crouton and Crostini so please don’t point me that what way. I’m honestly looking for a repo with the core in it. or lunch the installer for the core distro from the terminal…

Thank you,

You can add the following file or contents as repo for Netrunner Core

You can then install the netrunner-core meta package which should pull in all the necessary packages.

thank you!

when I try to update apt with this added to the list I get this string of errors

Oh sorry. I forgot. You also need our key for verification of the packages:

Download the Key File and add it to apt-key via
sudo apt-key add netrunner.key

After that sudo apt update should run fine and you should be able to install stuff from our repo.