Netrunner review

Hi all. I have just finished writing a review on the Netrunner Rolling Release. I am very pleased with this offering from the Netrunner team and will stick with it. The review is not extensive, just a few comments on why I like Netrunner, as well as mentioning two very minor annoyances. All-in-all it’s beautiful work. Bravo! The review is at the following URL:



That was a very nice read, one thing though.

Most of the things that got put under Other were things that are either not used at all, and that have been replaced with alternatives in the distribution, or ones that rarely get used but come by default in the KDE packages.

Netrunner uses SDDM by default which has its configurator under Startup And Shutdown > Login screen (SDDM),
the one under other is for KDM which is soon to be completely dropped by the KDE community anyway.

To adjust the screen Netrunner uses the default KDE xrandr manager under Display > size and orientation,
the one under Other is for the new Kscreen which is not installed by default.

Just a FYI

Thanks for this information. I’ll include it in an addendum to the blog, so that people understand why it’s done that way.