Netrunner rollin' is rockin'

I’ve been attempting to get Manjaro working on this old P4 for some time but always had some kind of glitch which either wouldn’t launch the liveISO, or, after install/updates all hell broke loose.

Not sure why NR works so well, considering its Manjaro base and especially with KDE, but it blazes (surpriaingly fast on this older machine) AND is stable as hell - even after the dreaded update.

I do prefer Cinnamon (can’t imagine why that DE isn’t more popular), but after a couple of days messing with this distro, KDE is growing on me more and more. Especially with the gnome theme and HR menus (love both of those).

Software installation/removal is a breeze. No issues with anything at all so far (knock on silicon)

It Rocks. That’s the name you should call the “rolling” version – Netrunner Rocks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I bumped into the review on the Manjaro site. Thank you for your efforts producing this distro

Thanks critter for your nice words and welcome to the forums!