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Netrunner rolling to Manjaro Migration


I asked this question in the disqus thread, but no reply, so asking again -

I have netrunner rolling installed. I have Kernel 4-19 installed. I was thinking, we can update the system tree by

  • Replacing the pacman mirrors to reflect manjaro mirrors
  • patching the dependency issues, by reinstalling any pacakge that is different in manjaro and netrunner rolling

Would that be possible?

That way I can migrate to manjaro without too much trouble and with reinstalling anything. Thank you.


Netrunner is built on top of the Manjaro base.
We already use the Manjaro mirrors for everything, with the exception of Netrunner specific packages.

For these we added a stand alone, and completely separate, repository at the end of the pacman.conf file.
We do modify grub with our own theme, and use our own release file for branding, etc.
However, your still in every other way imaginable running on a Manjaro system.

Note: I will be creating a tutorial soon on how to remove our Netrunner branding, themeing, settings, repository, and other packages, and replace them with the upstream Manjaro equivalents where available and applicable. Please be patient as I go through what steps are needed to make this as simple a process as possible.


Gracias. I’ll wait - with a lot of hope :slight_smile: