Netrunner splash screen causes Plasma crash

UPDATE: Changing the splash screen fixes these. I’m wondering if this is a new feature in Plasma or some lost files in netrunner.

A bug or some have been introduced into Plasma recently, somewhere. I’d like suggestions about tracking it/them down.

There’s a Plasma “closed unexpectedly” bug report applet. “Executable: plasmashell PID: 858 Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Time: 9/8/17 17:34:29” The backtrace is fairly opaque without symbols for these: plasmashell

I’ve read I “should” build the software myself to get these symbols. I’m not setup for this yet, but it sounds like an interesting project.

Does Netruuner build *-dbgsym packages? Or, are the Netrunner backport source repos available, obvious to find?

And is this sort of query more rightly at home in a KDE forum (Plasma), Debian forum (libqt5qml5)?

This crash happens every time I change settings for the System Tray plasmoid. Also, every boot now I get “ksplashqml[722]: segfault at 8 ip 00007fa32035f62a sp 00007ffd352931e0 error 4 in[7fa32009f000+538000”


Sounds like there is something wrong.
Usually you should find the dbgsym packages in the repo and with this you should be able to generate a more useful backtrace that you can then report best at

The splash screen in org.kde.netrunner-blue-x and the one in org.kde.netrunner-black-x cause Plasma to throw a segfault since the latest update, Plasma 5.10.5 Qt 5.9.1.

I notice both netrunner packs have empty Splash.qml and no images.

When I change the splash to Breeze I resolve all my Plasma segfaults.

Hmm… interesting. Thanks for reporting.
This needs then fixing.

I found the same segfault in my 17.03 vm. Hadn’t noticed because it defaults to no splash screen. Maybe the netrunner themes were a work-in-progress that got left behind at some point?

Also I think I spoke too soon about the splash screen fixing the System Tray Settings plasmoid.

It was done on purpose as we weren’t able to set a blank splashscreen in our Look and Feel packages before.

You can edit Splash.qml as:

import QtQuick 2.2 Rectangle { color: "black" }

And copy the blank preview from the blue theme. Or apparently removing them is now an option.