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Netrunner still alive?

Visiting the Blue Systems homepage it looks like that.
Nothing happened since Feb 2020 to be mentioned there!?
It´ s almost like this forum.
That´s really a pity.
I like this system very much, but this gives no good feelings!

Don’t worry. The new release is coming very soon.


I don´t worry about new releases, not at all.
But there are some thoughts coming up about that “Zero information policy”.
That´s very extraordinary. May be it´s a kind of marketing gag? :partying_face:

I don’t think we had much postings before talking about upcoming releases. So basically nothing in our communication changed.
But feel free to recommend concrete changes.

Sorry, but there is some misunderstanding.
If you look at my first post:“Visiting the Blue Systems homepage…”
I don´t have any problem with you!
The only thing is, I´d wish some more vitality in this forum.
I know, you´re not responsible for that.
Have a nice WE! :+1:

and we have a release :slight_smile:
With Debian Stable, it is rather not changing much, but we concentrate on making it ultra-stable on first release then simply update once a year to refresh imgs.
Since KDE Plasma 5 has matured much, this has become a viable option to enjoy Plasma without the need to always update needing the earlier versions.

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I apologize if this is the wrong place for this but I haven’t found it elsewhere. I just have a quick general question. Is there a way to receive a notification when the Blue edition of the C1 is back in stock? It seems I’ve fallen in love with your product and am hoping you can ship to the United States of America.

Thanks in advance,

Itś definitely the best wrong place! :-1:

Hi Oslo.

the C1 was based on an old board that is no longer in production. We might offer a follow up version with newer board, but currently nothing concrete yet. We still might do software updates for the C1 boards though.

How do you upgrade from Netrunner 20 to 21?

Just update normally like stated in the release announcement. If you want to install the new kernel activate debian backports in software sources and update the linux-image-amd64 aswell as firmware-linux-nonfree packages