netrunner strategy for automatic update notification

I am starting this new thread because I think the issue needs more input from users. The cited message and some of my remarks appread under a very different thread in this forum. I think this needs more discussion and visibility.

Starbuck, I wrote an email to the Linux Outlaws podcast so that they mention the new distribution release, and asked them what they think of this new strategy. They were very sceptical about disabling automatic update notification, since many updates are security updates. While I see your point, I think that they are right. Obviously, the best would be to enable security updates that close vulnerability holes while disabling updates to new versions with new ‘features’. Since that - I believe- is not possible, I think it would be good to get more opinions about your new strategy on this forum. So please people, leave your opinions.

Also, I suggest that you mention this on the official release page.

In my opinion Dan12 is right. The security updates should be done automatically.

Greetings to all runners out there…