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Netrunner to Manjaro tutorial


A) Grub branding

Open /etc/default/grub and change the following lines:


Next edit this line to remove the rd. from rd.udev.log-priority=3:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet udev.log-priority=3

make sure you leave any resume= at the end of this line.

Save and exit.

Next remove the Netrunner theme package and install Manjaros:

sudo pacman -R  grub-theme-netrunner && sudo pacman -S grub-theme-manjaro

B) Release branding

 sudo pacman -R netrunner-release && sudo pacman -S manjaro-release

C) Issue branding (vt text)

open /etc/Issue and edit the file to contain only:

Manjaro Linux \r  (\n) (\l)

D: Remove Netrunner default themes and settings packages:

sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -R artwork-audacious artwork-color-scheme-carbon artwork-grub-theme-netrunner-black artwork-lnf-theme-netrunner-rolling artwork-lnf-theme-netrunner-black artwork-netrunner-icons artwork-numarceeze-icons artwork-sddm-simple artwork-wallpapers-netrunner-rolling-default artwork-whiteclassicia-cursor aurorae-theme-forman desktop-theme-blackx desktop-theme-breeze-alphablack gtk-theme-blackbird obsidian-icon-theme default-settings-applications default-settings-autostart default-settings-kdeapps default-settings-plasma default-settings-profiled default-settings-session-debug default-settings-thunderbird default-settings-xdg-user-dirs default-settings-xsession default-systemsettings-settings-rolling netrunner-settings-autostart netrunner-settings-desktop-rolling netrunner-settings-firefox netrunner-settings-kcmabout netrunner-settings-samba netrunner-settings-sddm netrunner-settings-theming netrunner-rolling-settings --noconfirm

NOTE: You may need to modify the above command if your install is older than 19.04, and your still using the older default themes.

E: Install Manjaro’s default themes and settings packages:

sudo pacman -S manjaro-kde-settings manjaro-browser-settings plasma5-themes-breath sddm-breath-theme

You’ll need to apply the breath themes, and copy anything you need from /etc/skel, manually.

This should have you on a manjaro branded system.

F) remove netrunner repository:

open /etc/pacman.conf and remove the following lines.

# [netrunner-testing]
# SigLevel = Never
# Server =$arch

SigLevel = Never
Server =$arch

Save and exit.

This will allow any AUR based package updateable from the AUR.

We shipped with the steam packages from arch, if you would rather use manjaro’s steam packages:

sudo pacman -S steam-manjaro steam-native

I’ll look into the other application differences, and any non-aur packages that we shipped, and post more instructions here as I get them.

gmusicbrowser-filterfun is a modified package to use Netrunners filterfun layout filter by default.

If you choose to use the up[stream gmusicbrowser from the AUR instead, and wish to keep using the filterfun layout filter, you’ll need to copy the filter before removing our gmusicbrowser-filterfun package.

There are also modified main.layout and gmbrc.default files as well.


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