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Netrunner UI how to ge the old one?

How to get old UI, in new BT connections are epsond. Also no refresh button for rescan wi-fi network, if two network have the same name NM just never show second!

In this case you cannot go to the old version as they simply are depraceted and the network manager widget should autorefresh anyways. If you try to make a manual connection it should list both networks with the same SSID (btw. this is a bad idea anyhow they should use different names)

Yes it does autorefresh but too slow… sometimes you have to wait about minute. :-/. Yes I know what not good use the same name but anyway it should show networks, otherwise this is a bug. And how to connect BT in “new UI” :huh:

If you think its a bug report it upstream to the KDE project directly.
I also am not very happy with the new UI maybe they will change things to make it better again.
As for bluetooth remember you can always go to the settings window which allows manually configuring of the devices.