NetrunnerOS Rolling vs KAOS?

Has anyone tested KAOS? If you have how does it compare to NetrunnerOS rolling and Manjaro? I understand that it may at one time have had a Manjaro underpinning? I currently donot have space for another test distro on my system. It has a very light colored themeing that I like.Thanks for your response.

Aye… I have it installed on my laptop and it is awesome!

I have been using Manjaro for several years, it has pritty much been my go-to distro, but it never worked right on my laptop, so I tried Netrunner-Rolling to see if it would be any better, but it had simular issues that Manjaro had so I tried KaOS.

After I installed KaOS on my laptop it was like I had a sdd instead of a regular hard drive; so fast. Although, I wouldn’t recomend it for a main distro, if you need lib32 applications there is no support for the most part. On the forum they have alternatives listed, but if you do gaming forget about it. However, I will say that because of this my system is solid and responsive, the intergration and themeing are spectacular!

I found that support for AMD cards (7970hd) is lacking. I tried to install it on my main computer and it wouldn’t even boot into the UI. I just got a blinking cursor and black screen; bummed about that. I am sure that on my ssd it would fly.

The community is still small but there is a lot of potential in KaOS. I am looking forward to seeing how it grows. If you truley want to see the true power of KDE, then it is the distro to try out.

@ ralphdewitt

Netrunner Rolling is Manjaro with an extra repository, utilities & theme. Manjaro is a fork of Arch, they have their own repositories, utilities and custom packages but still remains compatible with the AUR.

KaOS however is not based on Arch, and is not compatible with the AUR. KaOS built its system from scratch and compiles all it’s packages from source, the only thing it has in common with arch is pacman. Also there is no multilib support (so no 32 bit apps) and no proprietary AMD drivers, there are a reasons for this explained on their site.

@ hel-agum

KaOS used TLP.
Manjaro uses laptop-mode-tools.

This is probably why power management was better under KaOS on your laptop.
I personally switched to TLP on my Netrunner Rolling installed laptop, I believe this should be the default, but It’s not my decision to make, I can say this though, I’m now getting lower temps, more battery life, faster throughput, etc.

@ Ajsye

What is TLP? Is there a link that explains it more? I am curious. I have an idea what it is, but I would like to know more details about it.

TLP is an Advanced Power Management utility for Linux and is now the default for arch. Laptop-mode tools was replaced by TLP in the Arch repositories but is still available in the AUR. Manjaro however, still packages and uses laptop-mode-tools by default (I’m not sure why).

Here is more information per your request:

Thanks for the info.