network security

can anyone suggest a easy firewall?
is there a realtime antivirus available?

Hello mbjbdc,

Linux is a very secure OS, so I wouldn’t be too worried about antivirus.
You could google “firewall + ubuntu”, since Netrunner is compatible with Ubuntu.

If your router has a firewall your pretty safe in linux but there are some firewalls. You might find you’ll need to do some reading to use properly. Google or synaptic will list some if you search there too.
For anti-virus you can use clamav or there is avast for linux Here
But as starbuck points out linux is very secure, in the 10 years or so I have used linux I have never had any virus issues.

I know this thread is old. But for everyone who is still searching for a easy firfefall: gufw is a graphical frontend for ufw, a built-in firewall. It’s really easy to set up.