networkmanager not starting up

When my 13.12, Enigma-II is booting up, it halts at where the network starts. It tries for a few minutes and finally says that it is starting without network configuration and after booting up, the network manager is disabled.

I tried enabling but it didnt help. I had to manually start it by command “NetworkManager start” which I have now added to /etc/rc.local.

Please let me know what logs i need to share for this issue to be understood by the experts reading this.
Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.
Thank you.

I hope it logs something in /var/log/messages on bootup why it isn’t starting up. Could you attach that text file (needs a .txt extension for uploading to the forum)

Thank you so much Leszek!

I have attached the syslog, kern.log and dmesg in txt format.
Please let me know if anything else is needed.

Appreciate your help very much sir!

From the syslog it seems it establishes a connection via wireless and then it somehow either because of the driver or the router gets a

So while receiving it gets some sort of dump and interrupts itself.

If I am correctly reading the dmesg output you don’t have any wired connection. At least it says so

It also seems to kill and restart the network-manager process

That are my findings so far. So I would suggest try plugging in a cable and see if it works with an wire.
Maybe a router restart or firmwareupdate or try to get a newer firmware for your wireless driver.

You are correct Leszek!
This is a Dell Latitude 3440 and i dont use wired connection at all.
As you said I will try connecting a cable and see if NM is starting while booting.
Also i will check the wireless driver versions and let you know how it goes.
Thank you very much for your spending your valuable time on this sir! Take care…