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NetworkManager Problems

I’ve been using Netrunner 13.12 for about a month now, and just recently have I ran into a problem with the network connections.

I attempted to connect to a trusted network outside of my home, the first outside network I’ve ever tried connecting to with Netrunner, and it didn’t connect. That’s not the problem however.

The next day, when I booted up my laptop, it tried to connect to this network(Network#2), even though I was miles away from it. On attempts to connect to my home network(Network#1), the network manager suddenly crashed and was wiped from my laptop.

I haven’t been able to connect wirelessly since, and only through hard-wired connection was my laptop able to reach the internet. On the guest account, however, it easily connects to both Network#2 and Network#1, plus it has the NetworkManager, but a search for it comes up blank.

Should I tear down and rebuild completely?