New 2014-09-1 ISO available

Here is the release announcement for the new 2014-09-1 ISO for Netrunner Rolling:

Its good there is a patched iso, seems that Netrunners rolling only gets a new image once every four moths or so.
It should be a little more often like every two months, this isnt Ubuntu we are talking about here.

Personally, I think that the Netrunner Rolling Edition should follow the Manjaro releases, I think this would make for a much more stable experience right after installation. However, being a rolling release system, once you have it installed, and as long as you read the the announcements and perform the updates when they are released (approximately every two weeks) then you should never need to re-install.

Thanks go to all concerned for getting the new ISO out so quickly and efficiently.
Excellent job, well done! :slight_smile: