New Air Plasma Theme

I must say that the new Air Plasma theme introduced in KDE 4.10 looks very slim :slight_smile: If you guys are not planing replacing the Naked theme with it at least consider adding a Lancelot theming which is missing in Naked theme. Air seems a good source.

I tried to find some basic installed themes and all I see in 12.12.1 is just
ONE theme…
Id also like to see many choices and posible links to new themes we can
download that install and work with Netruuner…
Never too many choices :slight_smile:

Jenny: You only have one Theme?

RealPTR: Invisible is the new Naked for Enigma :slight_smile:
We remove some of the very old legacy ones that kept showing up in KDE since forever and a day, and include one or more new ones, like Androbit.

Yeah I only see one theme…
Unless im not looking in the proper places :-/