New Forum software

I like the new MyBB forum software, very nice. :slight_smile:

well, its always been mybb :slight_smile: just trying some different skins :wink:

Well OK. I liked that last one a whole lot, just a FYI. :wink:

I have a dream,

a darker skin, adapted style css or personal skinswitcher

to save my eyes :slight_smile:

flipper, this one is for you
We will try to add a theme switcher (light/dark colors), but for now you can use Stylish.

I don’t like that at all, hard for me to read.

Then its probably not for you :rolleyes:

Yep, I’m partially color blind and those two colors don’t play well together for my eyes, the blue end up looking washed out and blurry. :wink:

Yeah, I also prefer light themes personally… though Manjaro dark default OS theme looks still nice.

Thank you very much!

You know, we are in 2015, and a good forum (not talking about the content) should have a more responsive layout. Don’t know if it’s well supported within MyBB.

You have any good example of a more responsive forum that you like?

I like todays responsivness :slight_smile:

Nice one!

Included bits of code for “almost responsive” layout. If you guys have any recommendation for dark layout color scheme, let us know.