new install info (mdadm)

Hi everyone
I’m a longtime Debian and KDE user, and I got here looking for a good Plasma centered distro.

While I’m more of a rolling kind of guy, I was planning to install Netrunner 18 (when it’s out) so that I don’t have to dive into pacman yet and can concentrate on the desktop.

One question I have before installing is:
I was planning on using soft RAID 1, but I hear that Kubuntu installer does not support it yet.
Will I be able to do it, maybe with some minor hacking?
Any changes with the new Neon base?


As far as I am aware ubiquity (the ubuntu installer) still does not support this.
You can however trick it into using it though it’s not that easy see

Thanks for the pointer leszek.
This is annoying, but I may just try it out.
If I do I will report back.