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New kid in town

Hi netrunners,
this is my first post, because I´m a totally fresh user of netrunner.
Looking for a follower of LM 18.3 KDE, I´ve tested first KDEneon, what is a great distri, but somehow a bit nervous, concerning the rolling releases. Many many updates almost every day.
One of our experts in LM was experementing with netrunner.core. What he wrote was very interesting.
So I tested it myself for the first time and was very impressed. Slim and fast, and ready to be extended to almost any efforts.
It is KDE in purest form. That´s what I was looking for.
Now, I have installed it and was able to bring everything that I need to run.
Only thing I´m missing is “cherrytree”. But there are alternativ ways to install it.
I hope there are not too much problems to be posted here to be solved.

Welcome to Netrunner.
Have fun using our distribution.