New Kubuntu Version

What happens if I upgrade from Netrunner 16 to Kubuntu? There is a hint in updates about that.

In general this is not supported.
I guess most of the Netrunner modifications are gone after the update.

it fails, I don’t know why as I used muon and there was no info, before anything is installed. So the answer to the question is - nothing!

I too was puzzled by this. If it is not intended to upgrade Netrunner to a new Kubuntu version those notifications should be disabled by default IMHO - or better only alert if there is a new Netrunner version!

I am new to Netrunner. When the update tool only shows Kubuntu updates how do I upgrade Netrunner to a new Netrunner version when it’s available?

It wreck my install. It no longer boots. Just goes to a login prompt