New Linux Kernel 4.2 or higher

Hi Netrunner users,

I have an older AMD-Computer with HD-4200 graphics. The fglrx driver is only working until kernel 3.5 and the radeon dirver is only working well up 4.2 kernel.

How do I upgrade the kernel in Netrunner 14.2? I cant use Netrunner 16 in the moment, because the viber messenger symbol left from the clock is missing…

I have try to upgrade Netrunner 14.2 to kernel 4.2, but then my Logitech 910 webcam don wake up after a suspend to RAM (Ruhezustand) of the Computer.

What procedure is the right?



I am posting this for reference in case anyone is still wondering how to do this.

This works since some time February 2016:

sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-wily

It will install the Wily kernel (4.2) alongside your current kernel.

If you want the entire LTS Enablement Stack, including an updated X stack, please see the Ubuntu wiki.
Please be aware that the instructions on the wiki will replace some packages on your computer, and might cause problems (maybe this caused OP’s webcam problem). They certainly caused problems for me! :slight_smile:

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I updated to the 3.16 kernel via similar commands a year or so on multiple computers and it didn’t cause any problems, everything has been running smooth. For kernel 4.4 there are instructions on