new Netrunner prometheus

Hello Team!!! I just love netrunner and I would like to know if downloading this new release (14.1) i can install the new prometheus release which is rumored to be release next week.

As version 15 Prometheus includes many newer technologies I would not recommend upgrading from 14.1 to it.

There is no upgrade path from 14.1 to 15??? New to Netrunner and confused about this topic. Anybody who can shed light on this it would be appreciated.

Yes, Netrunner 14 was based on KDE SC 4/QT4, Netrunner 15 will be KF5/Plasma5/QT5/. Plasma 5 and KF5 are a complete rework of the desktop environment, parts have been rewritten, separated and removed.

Netrunner 14 is a LTS release - supported until April 2019
Netrunner 15 will be a standard release - supported until June 2015

Here is the release schedule: