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New Rolling User -- Disable firefox autostart

Hi, just installed NRR and got everything updated and running great. Just got a fews issues. How do you disable firefox from autostarting? There seems to be a script for that. When I click on the “status and notification” tray icon there is firefox listed. Please help.


Take a look at systemsettings autostart settings.

Remove the netrunner-settings-autostart package.
sudo pacman -R netrunner-settings-autostart

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@AJSlye @leszek what is the netrunner-setting-autostart package exactly? What is is autostarting? If I delete it what other packages and setting am I deleting?

It only contains the autostart files for Firefox and imwheel, the later is no longer needed since Plasma 5.15.x.
Needless to say it’s safe to remove this package.

@AJSlye @leszek Removing netrunner setting autostart also enables the usb mouse extra back and forth button – FYI – awesome

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Cool, that’s awesome.