New to netrunner ... couple of questions

I just installed the latest netrunner rolling release. Wow, seems like an awesome distro! I just have a couple of questions.

  1. I understand Octopi package manager can be configured to use official repositories and the AUR. I also see that the yaourt package is installed. However, I haven’t been able to integrate yaourt / AUR into Octopi. Any specific directions?

  2. I would like to have num lock engaged by default when I boot into netrunner. I followed some directions on the Arch Wiki for installing systemd-numlockontty from the AUR (using yaourt) and enabling the numLockOnTty service. That all seemed to go well, but num lock is still off at netrunner startup. Any way to change that?

I’d appreciate any help on these questions. Thanks!

To search the AUR using octopi you would first click on the alien face at the top next to the search box, type in what your looking for, and then press enter, the results will then appear in the main window.

To have the numlock turned on when Plasma starts:
System Settings > Input Devices > Keyboard (top one) > Numb Lock on KDE Startup > (set to) Turn On

PS. Most laptops don’t have a separate keypad, so having this on by default would make no sense. :wink:
The firmware on most laptops also turns this off automatically on startup.

Thanks very much for the quick reply!

That all worked perfectly.

I am actually on a desktop with a full size keyboard with number pad. I use the number pad quite a bit, so makes sense for me… Probably more people on laptops these days than desktops. :wink:

Thanks again!