New to NR. Possible to change lockscreen/user screen?

I just installed Netrunner 14 on my laptop, so far I’m loving it. It’s responsive and beautiful looking, however I want to change the look of the lock screen and the user sign-in screen but I can’t seem to find anything that handles those changes inside Netrunner. I’ve Googled and only found guides on how to manually change the background but nothing regarding a theme manager for either of those screen.

Is it possible to do this in Netrunner/KDE?


I think Netrunner 14 is still using KDM and not SDDM yet, but I’m not 100% on this so:
If it is using SDDM then the settings are under: System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Login Screen (SDDM)
If not then the KDM settings would be under: System Settings > Other > Login Screen

It is using lightdm and you can set it up in the corresponding systemsettings.
The lock screen can be configured aswell insystemsettings