New User a few suggestions and thoughts

I’m not a super technical person but I’m not afraid of computers either. I have tried linux a few times over the years but never stayed with it. Always had a few problems that were just deal breakers to me. So far though I really like Netrunner.

My first minor complaint is that clicking a mp4 file I believe by default should load in VLC and not Hand Brake. I found how to switch that on the web but, that simple tweak I would think a better default.

I love how everything works out of the box. Unlike my previous experiences with linux I didn’t have to go find cryptic repositories and commands to simply get a movie clip to play, surf the web on youtube, etc. Firefox with flash worked great until I updated it. Then it would crash if I tried to load anything with flash for more then 2 minutes. I learned that the flash for Firefox was no longer being updated other then for security patches. However, I learned Chrome used a different version of pepper flash that allowed it to use an up to date version of flash as well as some other things to handle drm. I loaded Chrome up from a deb file and I’ve had a smooth browsing experience since then. I understand the desirability to be ope source but as a user I just want something that works. I hope that flash will die soon and I can run Firefox without an issue. At the moment though as a just works solution I wish Chrome was a default.

I can still lament the lack of support from commercial software that I use like AutoCad. I like Draftsight, and there are some interesting CAD packages I’m looking into but I know among my peers not having support for the commercial product kills what might otherwise open more interest in linux. I did really like seeing steam loaded by default and loading up Civ 5. My experience with software was a bit hit and miss but it is much better than the last time I tried linux.

I’m overall very pleased with how easy it was to setup the os up on my old laptop. I had to do the same thing with windows 7 a few months earlier and it was a nightmare finding all the drivers to get it working properly. However, my Canon MX700 printer on the network remains a project to figure out how to set up on linux. I found set up under windows actually more difficult but, in linux when you have that odd piece of hardware I feel like I’m hitting a wall. The explanations are archaic and I’m not sure even relevant when they are in threads to an older version of Ubuntu.

All this said I’m going keep Netrunner 16 on my laptop. It is has been a pretty good experience. I’m on the fence about also installing it on my desktop but, I am seriously considering it.

I now nothing about autocad, but for your cannon printer:

Hi, I’ve been working in an engineering office in the past, using all sort of Autodesk products (AutoCAD, Inventor for most of the part), awesome software but lacks linux support. For 2D CAD; Draftsight will satisfy most people to accomplish their goals, if you need an Inventor (3D) alternative you can take a look at It’s cloud based CAD designing running through your browser. I haven’t signed in yet, but the features look promising.

I’ll give it a shot this week. I also found a file that you run plugged into the usb then hook it up to the network then plug in the uri info. Thats actually very similar to the way it is setup through windows. Canon printers apparently don’t have the best linux support. Even in wondows they use a proprietary network protocol to fuction hence I believe the reason they aren’t so well supported. My confidence just isn’t very high following instructions based on a similar system from like 3 plus releases ago, from a random file off the internet. Next time I buy a printer it will probably be an HP printer…

I really like Draftsight. I actually used it professionally to produce drawings for 1 year when my then boss would not buy me a modern copy of AutoCAD. Unfortunately old versions of AutoCAD usually do not run very well on new versions of Windows so I actually replaced AutoCAD with Draftsight for 1 year.

I am looking for products akin to Sketchup and Revit. I’ve used Blender before and find it fun to work on but not really suited to technical drawings. I’m not sure that OnShape replpaces Revit or Sketchup. Looks more like a replacement for Inventor or Solidworks. One program that looks like it may have some promise is Bricscad. It looks like it may have a BIM module in the near future. I also just started playing with Wings3D which I’m hoping might serve as a substitute for SketchUp but, I’m not sure.

It can be hard replacing the software you are used to. Non users don’t always understand the nuances. Kinda like the dirty looks you will get if suggest replacing Photoshop with Gimp to a Graphic Designer. Although I do like Gimp, Krita, and Inkscape all of which I do use. :slight_smile:

My attempt to install my printer was a failure so far. I first tried following these instructions

That printed text over a usb connection but the page didn’t fully come out and the printer just stalled. From there trying to find a way to configure it or network access didn’t lead me anywhere.

I then tried to follow this:

But the first link I tried informed me the website was down for maintenance.

I’m willing to work on this a bit more.